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Gateway Wellness Center Weight Loss Testimonials

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What Our Baraboo Patients Say

At Gateway Wellness Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after using our weight loss program. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Down 60 Pounds!

Down 60!!! From 3XL – L shirts.
-Ken H.

Need New Belt

Down 20 pounds. My biggest victory so far…having to buy a new belt because the others are too large. 
-Stephanie L.

Best Commitment Ever Made

I started the weight loss program in Jan. of this last year..I needed to lose additional pounds in order to have a knee replacement. I have struggled with weight my whole life and after menopause it was essentially impossible to lose any weight. I had been doing water aerobics 2 or 3 times a week, worked out with a personal trainer twice a week & ate a very clean diet…..but could never lose a pound…it was incredibly frustrating…then my trainer knew a client that tried Gateway Weight Lose in Baraboo ….said why not give it a try..It was a last resort…I just needed to shed the pounds to feel better & be able to have that surgery.

I emailed Dr.Angela & she got me in the next week…we had a consultation & got the whole process going….I was amazed about all the information I received that I didn’t know about how your body works & what you needed to do to be able to lose…I couldn’t believe I didn’t know all this….I taught nutrition in high school for over 40 years…

I lost weight quickly In the first 6 weeks & felt the Best I had felt in years!

I lost the weight so I could have the surgery..I was so excited to be finally able to get my knee replaced.So now that I am.done with my replacement. I want to continue to lose weight to meet my personal goal..Dr. Angela is fabulous and I love the daily check-ins to make you accountable. It just is so rewarding to meet your goal & feel so better! The whole program is a total game changer! I can’t wait to start back after 3 months of rehab on my knee.

Best commitment I have ever made! Thank you Dr. ANGELA! YOU & YOUR PROGRAM ARE FABULOUS!
-Beth T.

Learned Along My Weight Loss Journey

I like the course Control Your Cravings because it taught me several different things about losing weight and controlling my weight. If I have cravings to stop and breathe, then look to see why I’m having that craving. There are many reasons why you might have the cravings and not because of food. If it is because of food then maybe I’m not eating my meals properly. It taught me different exercises: breathing, writing down my feelings when I have cravings. What stress and inflammation can do to the body.

There are recipes on one of the courses and different foods that would be good and where to find them. This program taught me a different way of losing weight or controlling weight, besides meal prep, and what foods are good or bad for my body and metabolism. I really do like this program, it gives me tips, techniques, exercise, good information, books to read, different ways to look at cravings. This information helps with my weight loss and weight control journey.

Thanks for all you do and continue to do for me. I have learned a lot from Dr. Angela.
-Theresa H.

Encouraging and Invested

I came to Angela desperate to find the reason why I could not lose weight. It wasn’t all due to bad habits or laziness. There is a science behind it all. Joining Angela’s program was the best thing I did for myself and family. I lost over 50 lbs and have steadily kept it off for about a year now. It was never just a weigh-in appointment and some encouraging words. “See you in a few weeks” kind of thing. Angela dove in with/for me. She got to know who I was, who my family was, what foods and meal plans should look like for myself and my lifestyle. This isn’t a one size fits all program. It truly teaches you how to fuel your individual body for the rest of your life. Angela always made it comfortable, encouraging, and was great at explaining what my body was doing at each phase of the program. She was a text away at any moment and I always felt like she was as invested in my health and progress as I was. Thank you, Angela!
-Jessica O.


Jessica before side
Jessica front before


Jessica side after
Jessica front after

Full and Content

I have spent thousands of dollars looking for that weight loss diet or magic pill… let me tell you it doesn’t exist!! I have struggled with my weight for 30 years. Dr. Angela will teach you what your body needs to lose weight. She will be there every step of the way!

I was skeptical at first. I live an hour away one way from the clinic. But, after our first meeting I knew this way of eating was something I would sustain for the rest of my life. Needless to say, Dr. Angela is very accommodating from my last minute schedule changes to just checking in over video chat.

It’s not too late!!! I’m 54 yrs young. In 4 months I am 30 pounds down and feeling fantastic!! She teaches you how to eat… everyday food!!! no shakes, bars and counting calories… we are talking everyday food people!!! I am full and content everyday!

Everyone has been complimenting me on my weight loss… and I praise Gateway Metabolic Weight Loss, Dr. Angela for giving me the knowledge of what my body needs on a daily basis and something that I seriously can do for the rest of my life!!

Thank you Dr. Angela for changing my mindset and changing my life!!!
-Lisa D.


Lisa side before
Lisa front before


Lisa side after
Lisa front after

Supportive in My Journey

I started my journey in December 21 with Dr. Angela and it has been the best decision ever! I am down 28 inches and love how I look and feel. She has been with me every step of the way with encouragement, food choices but most of all support!!
-Karen B


Karen side before
Karen front before


Karen side after
Karen front after

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