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About Gateway Wellness Center

Baraboo Chiropractor Dr. Angela Hanley has been providing quality chiropractic care to her community since 2000 and at Gateway Wellness Center since 2019. Having easy access for her patients to the clinic was an important factor in locating here.

Many people have come to our practice scared after disappointing experiences elsewhere. It’s very gratifying when they discover how gentle and comfortable our adjustments are and the results they achieve, especially when it’s children and teenagers who now want to come to our practice for care.

Our Philosophy

Vitalism is the underpinning philosophy in our practice. Your body was designed to be healthy, and Dr. Angela helps remove obstacles to the body’s ability to regain and express health. Health is not only feeling connected and vital within your body, but it’s also the ability to connect to your purpose, family, and community.

Another aspect of vitality and well-being is understanding how your body is feeling, what you’re doing to it, and respecting it because it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. You have to figure it out for yourself!

While most people come in with some type of discomfort, our purpose is to help people achieve a sense of belonging and purpose in their lives, not just being free of pain.

Going Deeper

In addition to being well-versed in many chiropractic specialties, Dr. Angela also now works with the language of the parasympathetic nervous system and polyvagal theory. This allows her to go deeper into keeping your nervous system balanced, promoting whole-body healing and proper function to achieve your body’s full potential.

Adjusting patient

Skills for All Ages

Dr. Angela has extensive training in working with children, from infants up to teenagers. Her vast knowledge of techniques and therapies allows her to modify her process to accommodate the patient’s age, no matter how young. In fact, she has been present at several births to be able to examine the newborn immediately for any issues. Making corrections immediately and getting check-ups along the way allow children to grow and develop as they are meant to and hit their milestones when appropriate.

Take the Next Step

It’s time to get your health on track; book an appointment today and take the next step to optimal health and wellness.

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