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Dr. Angela smilingNew Practice Members at
Gateway Wellness Center

Welcome to our practice, where you’ll never feel like a number. At Gateway Wellness Center, you’ll always get the personal attention and respect you deserve from our skilled and caring staff.

You may book through the Jane app and complete the paperwork online or give us a call to schedule an appointment. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes to allow our doctor to provide you with the best experience.

Our onboarding process takes place over two visits; please allow 45 minutes for the first appointment.


The Initial Visit

On your first visit, you’ll receive a warm welcome from Dr. Angela, and she’ll give you a brief tour of the office before heading to the exam room. She’ll discuss what brought you here, why now, and what you or your child is experiencing.

Next is a full spinal exam and functional movement testing. After she’s done, Dr. Angela will discuss whether a manual correction is appropriate on this visit. If so, you’ll receive your first adjustment at this time.

She explains every step while going through the process, linking what she’s doing to what you’re experiencing in your body. Many times, practice members learn something they never thought of before or didn’t know.

The Second Visit

On the second visit, Dr. Angela will review what was discovered in your neurological exam, and lay out a plan for care with you. Together you’ll discuss your best approach to care, and choose the payment plan that fits your needs and sets your course for your healing journey.

For children, visits to the office should be fun and positive experiences for kids. That may mean easing them into the process more slowly until they feel safe and comfortable, so the first couple of adjustment visits may be “settling in” times, getting used to it all! Spinal adjusting will happen as soon as they are ready for it, and typically Dr Angela (and the canine crew, too) has kids feeling at ease at their first or second visit! Anyone not comfortable with dogs will be accommodated. Please just ask.

Financial Responsibility

Our practice is cash-based, allowing us to provide the care you need without insurance limitations. We accept major credit cards, HSA and FSA plans, and CareCredit® for your convenience. Billing is supplied upon request and available on the app for insurance reimbursement.

Caring for Your Family

Your family’s health is essential; we want to help every member live their best life. Call or book online today.

New Practice Members at Gateway Wellness Center | (608) 745-2423