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Unlock Your Weight Loss Potential With Our Revolutionary Approach

woman measuring waistKeto, plant-based, low-carb, Mediterranean. There is no shortage of dietary approaches to help people shed those pesky pounds. The problem is a lot of people who go on diets may have some initial success but aren’t able to keep the weight off because the diets aren’t sustainable.

At Gateway Wellness Center, we offer a revolutionary weight loss and nutrition approach backed by a Stanford study. The study demonstrates individuals using their genetic profile lost 2.5 times more weight than those without an individualized plan!

What Sets Us Apart

At our practice, we go beyond the conventional weight loss programs. Our DNA-based approach empowers you to take charge of your food choices, shopping, and meal preparation while providing extensive guidance.

Unlike other plans, our comprehensive 30-plus page report, generated from YOUR DNA sample, guides your choices from different food groups. With this program, there are no restrictive diets or gimmicks. This weight loss program resets your metabolism and equips you with tools for maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life.

Step One: A Simple DNA Test

You’ll do a simple cheek swab for the DNA test to get started. For online clients, the kit will be conveniently sent to their doorstep. The results offer personalized guidance on nutritional needs, including servings, macros, and food types, and insights into genetic factors affecting metabolism.

What to Expect

Dr. Angela personally guides you through various cycles, including intermittent fasting. With a detailed program outline, there’s no confusion about what comes next. Whether you choose face-to-face or online sessions, we’ll offer unparalleled support to adapt the program to your needs in real time.

Control Your Cravings Program

For those seeking additional support without a full coaching program, explore our “Control Your Cravings” online program. Designed for those struggling with food cravings, this program helps you gain control over emotional eating, manage stress, and understand your body’s needs.

Dr. Angela’s expertise combines weight loss advice with neurology and physiology knowledge, providing practical tools to end the struggle with cravings.

Take Advantage of Our Welcome Gift

Enjoy a 30% discount by the end of this month as a welcome gift. Plus, a $100 gift card awaits for weight loss program clients when you enroll!

Get Ready to Love Your Scale Again

Take that first step toward shedding those excess pounds and adding more vitality to your health. Contact us today to enroll!


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