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Retreats and Volunteer Trips in Baraboo

By now it’s common knowledge that great sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet filled with fresh vegetables is important. But did you know that taking a vacation can go a long way towards improving your mental, physical, and spiritual health?

Travel has been shown to decrease stress, improve brain health, boost your immune system, and make you feel more joyful. Modern travelers are planning trips with their health in mind, which means wellness retreats are on the rise.

Curious about the benefits a wellness retreat we can offer?

I invite you to jump in this incredible Journey and ‘Embrace the Mandala for Your Life’ Energy-Love-Yoga-Dolphins…. This 7 day immersion is a Deep Dive into the Energies of your InnerHeart… Through the assistance of the wild dolphins unconditional Love, the energetics from Yoga’s wisdom, the healing waters from the Caribbean Ocean, and the connection to Like-Minded light souls… This unique Yoga & Dolphin Retreat is designed to reset your body-mind & spirit through healthy eating, movement awareness, guided visualization, playfulness, artful expression, energy connections, and deep heart-embraces with the Wild Dolphins as one pod, one heart…

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Say yes to yourself, to like-minded and like-hearted people. Join us on this exploration of the inner oceans through the swims with the Dolphins and the energies of Atlantis! Come to Bimini to Reconnect with Your True Self… Your Inner Mandala of Love. Contact Gateway Wellness Center to learn more.

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